Wizard’s Toolkit Documentation

Wizard’s Toolkit Documentation

This documentation was created using phpDocumentor then edited. Use navigation on the left to see functions of the core Wizard’s Toolkit low-code library.


All Constants are defined in wtk/wtkServerInfo.php.


public mixed _RootPATH = defaults to '/'
This defines where the root folder is compared to current file.


public mixed _WTK_RootPATH = _RootPATH . 'wtk/'
This defines where the core library files of Wizard’s Toolkit are kept. By default this is the /wtk/ folder off the root but that can be overridden simply by defining it here.


public mixed _CLI_ImgPATH = dirname(__FILE__) . '/imgscli/'
This defaults to ./imgscli/ folder and can be used as the default location for storing images related to your website. The BrowsePDO.php uses this for image location if the alias of a column name is WTKIMAGE. Note that this is relative to current file path but that can be changed here based on your needs.


public mixed DB_COL_QUOTE = '"'
If not previously defined, this is defined based on $gloDriver1 variable. For MySQL driver it uses `, for MS SQL it will set to blank, otherwise it will set to " which works well for PostgreSQL.

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