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Wizard’s Toolkit Setup Instructions

Download the zipfile and unzip into the root folder of your website. Run a few SQL scripts, verify ionCube loader is installed, and you are done.

Table of Contents

Download Instructions
Setup Steps
ionCube Loader Setup
Demo Pages
Early Adopters


Use this download link to download the entire Wizard’s Toolkit low-code development environment.

This includes the SQL files to create all the necessary data tables, scripts to fill the core data, SQL functions and triggers. The SQL is for MySQL but Wizard’s Toolkit should work with any SQL database. If you are interested in using for PostgreSQL or other databases please contact us.

Early Adopters and clients also receive access to the GIT repository.

Setup Steps

Setup for Wizard’s Toolkit is quick and easy.

  1. Download zipfile and unzip
  2. Access this document locally so you can use links within document to affect/test your local environment
    • For example: http://localhost:8888/docs/setup.html
  3. Create database if new project
  4. Run all SQL scripts in numeric order. Scripts are located in /SQL folder.
  5. Test Wizard’s Toolkit by going to /testWTK.php
  6. Use ionCube loader-wizard.php to verify ionCube is set up correctly
  7. Set the password for your admin account by going to: /wtk/passwordReset.php?u=test

Note, your login will be you@email.com unless you changed that when running MySQL_InitialData.sql . Because passwords are encrypted and based on salt you set in wtkServerInfo.php, you will need to set your password via going to a web page in your environment. The password will be whatever you set it to be by going to /wtk/passwordReset.php?u=test

If you have any issues or questions please contact us for support.

ionCube Loader Setup

The ionCube loader wizard was downloaded on March 17, 2022 and is located in your Wizard’s Toolkit environment at /ioncube/loader-wizard.php . You can also download the latest version of ionCube loader wizard at https://www.ioncube.com/loaders.php.

This will explain exactly how to install the ionCube loader for your particular web server. Note: when testing on a Mac the ionCube instructions said ioncube_loader_mac_7.2.so but that file did not exist in their zipfile and was actually named ioncube_loader_dar_7.2.so . Following all the instructions but changing 'mac' to 'dar' in the php.ini setting made it work.

In the entire library of over 214 PHP files, 8 JavaScript files, and 13 CSS files, there are only two files encrypted. Those are wtk/lib/Encrypt.php and wtk/lib/Save.php which are used primarily to allow for saving data using an encrypted method without the developer having to write a single line of code. This saves developers a huge amount of coding time and is one of the reasons Wizard’s Toolkit is such a fantastic low-code development library.

Note: the /wtk/lib/Encrypt.php and /wtk/lib/Save.php files are encrypted for PHP version 7.2. If you are using a different version delete that file and rename your version to Encrypt.php and Save.php. For example, if you have PHP version 5.6 or 7.1 then rename Encrypt56_71.php to Encrypt.php and Save56_71.php to Save.php; likewise if you have PHP version 7.4 you would rename Encrypt74.php to Encrypt.php and same for Save74.php to Save.php. If you are using a version of PHP that we do not have in our folder simply contact us and we will send you the proper files.

Demo Pages

To help your development get a fast start, Wizard’s Toolkit comes with several pages in the /demo/ folder. These include example list pages, edit pages, modal-edit pages, image/pdf display pages both via data or simply in directoreis, PayPal subscription button, file upload and save to data features, and more.

For more information make sure to check out our WTK Wiki.

Welcome Early Adopters!

Anyone can download the Wizard’s Toolkit and it will work on localhost. Early Adopters will be given a license which will make Wizard’s Toolkit never require a subscription for three domain names. Contact us and let us know which 3 domain names you want; this can be setup now or at any time in the future but let us know if you want to be part of the Early Adopter program.

For non Early Adopters, Wizard’s Toolkit is available at the following pricing.

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