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Rentado (visit)

After the functionals were written, the Rentado Back Office, Property Manager Portal and Tenant Portal were all fully completed in only 4 weeks!

The Tenant Portal allowers tenants to communicate with their property managers, submit repair requests, see community events, set reminders, and see payment history.

The Property Manager Portal allows setting notifications and reminders for tenants, managing repair requests including dispatching to trades people, messaging management with tenants, payment tracking, financial analytics and much more.

The Back Office website allows Rentado staff to manage the property managers, company financial analytics, and staff user management. By having a "Minimal Viable Product" completely finished so quickly it saved the founders thousands and allowed them to start marketing right away.

Landing Page Services (visit)

Build your own professional looking Landing Page with advanced analytics and turn visitors into leads. This website seamlessly integrates Wizard’s Toolkit with JScolor and Summernote WYSIWYG editor. The standard WTK graphs and charting worked well to make impressive analytic reports.


The ThetaStream website and mobile app were built using the 2018 version of Wizard’s Toolkit. This site allows people to verify and quantify the strength of their consciousness, and then to hone their mental skills. Methodology is based on random number generators and Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research.

WizBits.me (visit)

This shortened URL Software as a Service was created in under 21 hours of coding by using the Wizard’s Toolkit. This website relies heavily on the charting features and uses the PayPal integration to handle payments.